How to Jump Start A Car

Method 1: Find yourself someone with a vehicle and a set of jump leads to help you out.

  1. Park the assisting vehicle so the jump leads will reach between the two vehicles. The two vehicles must not touch.
  2. Switch off your ignition and all electrical devices of both cars. Connect one end of the red positive lead to the positive terminal of your battery. Connect the other end of this lead to the positive terminal of the donor battery.
  3. Connect the black negative lead to the donor battery first, then attached the other end to an unpainted metal surface of your car, away from the battery (e.g. a metal strut for the bonnet). Check all four grips are secure.
  4. Start the engine of the donor vehicle and run it at idling speed. Let it run for a couple of minutes then start your car’s engine.
  5. Remove the negative jump lead, then the positive one, disconnecting from the battery on your own vehicle first. Make sure they don’t touch each other or any other metal surface.
  6. Drive, or leave your engine running for 30 minutes. Have your battery checked out at your garage workshop.

Method 2: Use a Portable Jump Starter

  1. Insert the clip into the power start port, make sure it is inserted and the power supply is sufficient.
  2. The red clip is connected to the positive “+” of the car battery, and the black clip is connected to the negative “-“.
  3. The green light of the smart clip is always on, you can go back to the car and start the car switch.
  4. After successful startup, remove the clip (recommended to remove it within 30 seconds).
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